Digital Mentor Training

Welcome to the Leep digital mentor team! Before you can start your role as a digital mentor, you must complete our training and induction process. Please read and watch the resources below and then complete our survey to finish this last step in the application process. You can always return to this page to re-visit these resources.


These videos will help you get more acquainted with digital mentoring as a volunteering role.

Get invoved as a Digital Mentor.

What makes a good Digital Mentor?


Digital Mentoring Handbook

This Handbook has specific information on the role of a digital mentor, including, key skills and qualities, quick tips and tricks and solutions to common challenges

This document applies to Leep’s entire volunteer team (we have other volunteers in our team such as admin assistants) and addresses a range of topics such as values, conduct, expectations, insurance and procedures.

Volunteer Agreement

This document must be read and agreed to in the survey. It outlines your rights and responsibilities as a Leep volunteer.

Work, Health & Safety

Please watch this video to learn about staying safe and healthy in your role. There’s also some detailed information about specific scenarios that may arise during sessions in your Digital Mentor Handbook. 

Please complete the survey

Now that you have familiarised yourself with the materials above, please complete this short survey. Once you have completed it, someone from Leep will be in touch to organise your final induction session.  

Additional Resources

You will receive training on all our systems, so there is no need to watch the following videos until you have finished your training. These videos are here to refresh your memory if you forget anything from the training. 

Completing a Session Record.

Using Trello Boards

Making Bookings.

Completing a Session Record

Scam Information Webinar


You can download the Trello desktop or mobile app here

Be Connected Online Learning Portal

You can access the Be Connected Online Learning Portal here, an eLearning resource with modules on basic digital literacy topics. You may choose to show a learner the portal or work through relevant modules with them.

Leep Code of Ethics

This policy applies to all staff, volunteers, contractors, board members, advisory committee members and students of Leep.

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