TRI becomes Leep

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We used to get called Tricomm – as this was our domain name! A few of us felt our name – which was really TRI Community Exchange, or TRI for short – was old fashioned and didn’t represent us. People told us we sounded like a Telco – not great for an organisation wanting to attract people wary of technology! At our last business planning retreat in January, when we made the decision to rebrand, a new name was part of the strategy, and Leep was born!

Gary, Director of branding agency, Loa, developed a new positioning for us – Imagine Tomorrow Together – and made it our tag line.

What does Leep stand for?
Leep isn’t an acronym for a technology, or a process – it’s an emotional state.

Leep describes the emotion you feel at the edge of change, when you’re ready to take a definitive action in your life making a change for the better. Have you ever leep-ed? It was a huge leep for me to take on the role as CEO when Cecily Michaels was used to negotiating checkpoints in warzones!

Ellissa Nolan, Secretary, Leep Board speaking to Gary Schmidt, Director, Loa Branding

Jemima Garrett, my good friend and ABC Radio presenter/journalist, did an excellent job of emceeing the launch of Leep in exchange for a hand-painted linen tea towel (I aim high!).

Digital inclusion UK pioneer, Tinder Foundation, joined in the event with founder Helen Milner (who happens to have an OBE!) talking about the power technology has to improve lives and why Tinder focuses on the socially excluded.

“Roger got online and he didn’t just gain new skills, he gained control of his life again. This is about literacy, but it’s also about transforming people’s lives.”
– Helen Milner

We were very fortunate to have popular Rev Graham Long of Wayside Chapel close the event with the profound words:

“Don’t let mere connection be your goal. The minimum number in the human unit should be two so that the word I can only ever refer to the half of something.”

We hope you’ll leep with us so that, together more communities can imagine tomorrow together.

Cecily Michaels, Leep CEO

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