6 Steps to Volunteer Management Success

6 Steps to Volunteer Management Success

Leep’s webinar unpacked the content of the infographic included in our Innovation and Volunteerism in Australian Communities White Paper – Part I: The Changing Face of Volunteering. The nature of volunteering is changing. People who are looking to volunteer are wanting more diverse roles that match their interests and make use of their skills.

How do we, as a volunteering sector, respond and adapt appropriately to the changing needs of volunteers?

This webinar explores how to build and manage effective volunteer teams which both value the work of organisations and the contributions volunteers make.

By watching this webinar you will discover the importance of:

  • Building inclusive volunteer communities where volunteers are truly valued and supported;
  • Giving your volunteers a voice and involving them in all aspects of the organisation;
  • Planning for success and having structured frameworks that support your volunteering activities.

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