Building Innovation in Volunteerism Through Digital Inclusion

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The volunteering landscape within Australian communities is shifting.

Many individuals wishing to volunteer are seeking opportunities that meet their own needs and fit within demanding personal and professional schedules. This diverse volunteer pool demands new ways of thinking and planning for volunteer engagement that fosters social, economic and digital inclusion for volunteers and communities alike.

Leep believes that the possibilities volunteering and digital technology offer should be available to all, and have been working at the forefront of community engagement in Western Sydney for over 20 years. This webinar by Laura Goddard, Head of Volunteer Solutions, draws on our experience across both the volunteer and digital sector to facilitate new ways of thinking about volunteer engagement. It presents evidence detailed in our series of White Papers released in 2016 and showcases our framework for volunteer engagement that has been applied to our Leep in Lab.

The Leep in Lab is a pilot program initiated by Leep, which provides one-on-one digital mentoring to assist community members to get online. Volunteers are an intrinsic component of this program, and have been supported and encouraged to steer their engagement as digital mentors.

Webinar participants are invited to consider how they involve volunteers in the imagining of roles within their organisations, and provided with space to workshop ideas that build and enhance volunteer leadership.

Ultimately, this webinar considers how organisations that adapt, create roles that harness volunteer leadership and embrace digital inclusion can strengthen their ability to build and activate volunteer programs – future proofing the support they offer to their community.

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