Getting online in Bathurst: Pat’s Story

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When the Leep team asked Pat from Bathurst if she would like assistance from a volunteer Digital Mentor to learn how to use her phone or laptop she was very keen.  Her neighbour had recently taken her shopping to buy a new phone but she had no idea how to use it.  They had missed several calls from the GP confirming an appointment because they hadn’t realised they needed to swipe to answer.

Pat’s grandchildren have tried to help her but, as she explained, they tend to do things for her rather than teach her and when they do try to explain, they go too fast for her to understand.

At a Leep hub, volunteers are patient and support learners to build skills at their own pace and they don’t mind how often they need to repeat themselves.  Mentors care about connecting learners to their family and friends and want them to enjoy the same economic benefits of being online as others.

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