New Zealand’s Government Chief of Digital Officer’s team talks to the public about the Digital Inclusion Blueprint

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The GCDO team participated at the Festival for the Future event held in July. This was the first opportunity for the NZ public to discuss the Digital Inclusion Blueprint which was released in May 2019. The Digital Inclusion Blueprint lays out the Government’s vision for digital inclusion in New Zealand, the role it will play and steps it will take toward realising this vision.

Marita Vandenberg referred to the four elements of digital inclusion in their blog:

  • Motivation to engage with the digital world and understand the benefits of the internet
  • Access to affordable digital devices, services, software and content
  • Skills and know-how to use the internet and technology in a way that’s beneficial
  • Trust in the digital world to avoid online harm and the ability to manage personal information.

The NZ government recognises multiple barriers to digital inclusion, such as poverty and inequality.

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