Shareth – YouTube, cooking, digital mentoring – What can’t he do?

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Shareth Tejaswi likes to make sure everyone is nourished by their experience when learning about tech at Auburn Community Centre. With a background in I.T. he has no trouble teaching about the internet, payment gateways and YouTube. For the first few months biscuits provided culinary nourishment, then learners started bringing in homemade treats to share. Shareth was impressed.

“It might be prawn curry or rogan josh, which are very exotic delicious dishes actually, so I thought let’s put together skills of what they know.”

“I had students who were there from 8 to 9 months. They came up with their skills and we put together a list so I went back home and I put together what they could do.”

Shareth realised they could combine their skills and share recipes by making videos of their cooking.

“Some of them are very good at making Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. I taught them how to open a YouTube account, how you can film and upload videos and also spread across social platforms like Facebook and YouTube. They uploaded their film, all the students ‘liked’ it on Facebook and there are now up to 15 recipes online.”

The group maintains regular attendance thanks to Shareth’s knack for combining the ingredients of technology, cooking skills and social needs to create a truly connected community of learners. 

What does Shareth get out of this volunteering opportunity? “Delicious food, and it gives me a very nice feeling of success.”

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