International Volunteer Managers Day, 5 November 2019

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This year’s theme is ‘Change the Tune’ with a focus on changing the dialogue and thinking differently about volunteer leadership.

In recognition of #IVMDay2019, DJ Cronin and his team hosted the Volunteer Leadership Future Forum in Brisbane.

Donna Thistlewaite, Principal Consultant at Career Vitality, spoke about prioritising our wellbeing to help others and the value of talking about mental health.

Andy Fryar, Founder of OZVPM, took a peek into the future of volunteering and how volunteer managers can stay at the forefront of technological developments. Andy identified four game-changers for our sector – computer technology and the internet, social media and artificial intelligence and other technologies (drones, virtual and augmented reality).

Alison Jardie, Director of Leadership Evolution, talked about leadership development and strategising around change resistance. Alison provided some clear frameworks that leaders can use to manage change.

DJ Cronin, Manager Volunteer Services at UnitingCare Queensland, talked about why networking is essential to our profession and shared his vision of creating a network for leaders.

Find out more about all how organisations have celebrated International Volunteer Managers Day in Australia and abroad by searching for #IVMDay2019 on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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