See me. Know me. Campaign to Empower Seniors

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There is a lot of bad press about ageing, and aged care. Growing old in our communities is not really encouraged. We are told it is very expensive for everyone around us, and really life is all about ‘staying young’. This is quite strange, since our ageing population is actually a sign of our success as a society.

In a recent community survey with over 1000 people aged 65 plus, Meaningful Ageing Australia uncovered some important information about this part of our community. One aspect was that major sources of hope for people over 65 are children, grandchildren, being in nature and being with people who care. We also found that more than 40% of people wanted to be asked more about who they are; and that in thinking about aged care for friends or family, one of their biggest concerns is knowing the right questions to ask. Our See me. Know me. campaign is addressing some of these issues. We want to help people connect, to reflect, and if you know someone who needs aged care, we have some questions you can ask service providers. This will help you find a provider who is looking beyond the surface. Our conversation cards are a fun way to have a deeper conversation – perhaps try it over Christmas! Download in English, Greek, Chinese, Italian, Khmer or Arabic, or order a Sharing Mini now or call 1800 618 107.

By Meaningful Ageing Australia

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