Digital mentors: The Heart of the Digital Revolution (Report)

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Anthony McCosker summarises and evaluates the Digital Mentors: The Heart of the Digital Revolution forum held in Sydney on 26 July, 2019. The Forum discussed the need to create an Australian digital mentoring revolution.

Discussions from the forum resulted in five recommendations needed to achieve this revolution: 

  • Invest nationally and locally in raising awareness about the importance of digital inclusion for all Australians  
  • Extend research to understand the key barriers to digital inclusion and participation, and develop best practice approaches to effective digital mentoring
  • Inject new funding into programs that offer long-term digital mentoring and ensure their sustainability, visibility and availability for all who need them
  • Promote coordination and collaboration among organisations that support digital mentors, to avoid competitive practices
  • Innovate to improve ICT access, and through funding mechanisms that might see digital mentoring as an essential social service, as these can go a long way toward improving digital skills and participation

Anthony McCosker, Researcher and Author

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