How you can volunteer during the Australian bushfire crisis

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Organisations like The Australian Red Cross, WIRES (NSW Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) and volunteer firefighting services from affected state territory have placed monetary donations at the top of their priority list as money can be put to use straight away, and other types of support take longer to facilitate. If members of the public are unable to provide monetary support, there are also different ways one can offer practical assistance. Volunteer organisations like BlazeAid, Foodbank Australia, Organic & Regenerative Investment Co-operative, Anglicare Sydney, and many others, are still looking for volunteers. Find out more by visiting the articles below.

Volunteering Australia has also provided some ways to help now and into the future:

  • In the thick of a disaster, as we are now, we should check in on family, friends, neighbours and your local community and look after yourself first.
  • To help the first responders and those directly affected by the fires you can donate to a national, state or local authorised, recognised disaster support agency. These vary from state to state.
  • Refer to trusted sources, including local councils and formally recognised emergency services agencies. Their websites and social media provide essential, up-to-date information on the disaster situation and when, where, and what help is needed.
  • Consider volunteering for volunteer-involving organisations in your local community that will support the long recovery and rebuilding process. Your help will be needed when the immediate danger has past and affected individuals, and communities are ready to ask for and receive assistance. By volunteering locally, you strengthen your own and your community’s connectedness, disaster resilience and preparedness.
  • Some Volunteering Peak Bodies are taking Spontaneous Emergency Volunteer registrations now. Consider registering your support with your local State/Territory peak body where possible. If you have pre-registered as an emergency volunteer, for now, please wait; you may be contacted if and when needed.

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