Leep Program Launched at Gunthers Lane, Bathurst

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Gunthers Lane in Bathurst gets the prize for the biggest turnout ever to the launch of a Leep digital mentoring program.  Last Wednesday (11 March) 30 people in Bathurst came to get support from a Leep Tech Mate to improve their tech skills on a phone, tablet or laptop.

We are really grateful to our four volunteer Tech Mates, Jamie, Roslyn, Brad and Cody for giving their time to make this program possible.
A special thanks also goes to 2BS and Jaclyn Underwood for promoting our program and taking the time to interview our CEO, Cecily Michaels.

This is Leep’s third program to open in Central West and as soon as the COVID-19 virus is under control we will be opening more.  If you’re looking for a way to support your community, consider volunteering as a Tech Mate and join this amazing team.  With the demand being so high in Bathurst we can promise you a very rewarding experience.

To all our partners in Bathurst: Reliance Bank, Catholic Care and Daniel at Gunthers Lane we thank you for all your support with making this initiative such a success.

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