Addressing community care’s technology pain points

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The Aged Care Industry Technology Council has called for investment in technology and innovation as a core feature of aged care.

The Aged Care sector must learn to interact with technologies such as mobile phones and smart home technology that is already being used in households across Australia. The council acknowledged there is a lack of focus in the sector around the uptake of technology and innovation and announced it has partnered with industry stakeholders and the national digital health research centre to start addressing these issues. The council identified the following areas to benefit from embracing these technologies and adapting innovative approaches:

  • Enhanced independent living
  • Monitoring and smart home technologies
  • Fall detection and management
  • Management of chronic disease via telemedicine, telehealth and telecare technologies
  • Medication management
  • Dementia support
  • Social connection
  • Increased support for family caregivers

Read the full article here.

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