Staying Connected – Online Resources to Keep You and Your Family Engaged and Positive

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Family and friends share stories over screens across town instead of cups of tea across the table. Musicians serenade their fans via concerts streamed online. This morning I watched a colony of penguins live from my living room as they slept at the Edinburgh Zoo. In this new age of isolation we’ve rapidly accelerated the integration of online services into our lives and brought the world to our doorstep. We’re beginning a new normal, and being connected online is more important now than it’s ever been. Here are some online resources to help stay connected during isolation, keep kids engaged at home, and look out for our mental health.

Need a change of scenery? While we can no longer jump on a plane to travel the world, there are many free virtual tours of landmarks, museums, and other attractions from around the world. Perhaps one of those tours inspires you to learn another language or take a course in art history. Luckily there are heaps of educational resources online from free language courses to access to classes run by leading institutes around the world.

For the kids at home, help them explore online resources to keep learning fun. Take a virtual field trip and talk together about what you’ve learned. Brush up on your math skills to help with their online homework or design your own home-schooling course work with these home learning resources. When everyone’s ready for some down time why not catch a Broadway show from your lounge or tune in to a podcast together.

It’s vital to maintain social connections in this new age of isolation. There are many messaging and video chat apps you can use from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer to stay in touch with family and friends. Take steps to care for your mental health and look after the mental health of those around you. Video chatting is a great way to check in with family and friends, so you can see how they look and act to make sure they are okay. Take the time to help those in your network that are the most vulnerable to loneliness, and use these tips to help them get set up to video chat.

This is just a peek into the vast resources available to us online that can help us during these difficult times.

During these unprecedented times Leep is reviewing its model of delivering digital mentoring programs.  We will be reaching out and listening to our community of learners to determine how best we can mobilise our amazing Tech Mates to support their needs. If you’re at home and looking for a way to support your community through online volunteering contact us here.

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Stay safe and be well.

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