Houseparty: Get Online to Party

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By Kath Spice

Celebrating an event can look a little different now with friends and family separated by border closures, lockdowns and health fears. You don’t need to cancel the party; you can move it online! There are many apps that are bringing people together to celebrate life’s events from the safety of our own homes 

Leep’s Tech Mate program can help you navigate the hosting process, finding an app and sending out invitations with simple links that your invitees can click to join the party. I recently attended a 70th in “House Party”. It was wonderful to see a family coming together from every corner of the globe to celebrate. Grandparents were able to see their grandchildren for the first time in months and meet new additions to the family 

Contact Leep to find out how easy it can be. 

*Houseparty can be downloaded on a phone, tablet or computer. You can find out more here.

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