AIDA National Digital Inclusion Roadmap

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This week the Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance (ADIA) released a National Digital Inclusion Roadmap that outlines what should be done to increase digital inclusion in Australia.

As a member of ADIA, Leep supports this whole of government approach and commends the alliance for this initiative. In considering the recommendations outlined in this roadmap we particularly encourage the Government to address the findings in ADII 20 that relate to attitudes of people aged 65+ towards technology:

“Less than half of all Australians believe that computers and technology give them more control over their lives and less than 40% feel they can keep up with a changing technological landscape. The prevalence of these attitudes has changed little over the past six years. For Australians aged 65+ this is an even greater issue. Just over a quarter (28.7%) of this age group feel empowered by computers and technology and just one in eight (13.3%) feel they can keep up with technological changes (ADII 20 p.15)”

Read the full Roadmap here.

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