Tech Mate Spotlight: Nikita Dmitrienko

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At Leep we are especially proud of the contributions our volunteer Tech Mates make in helping us close the digital divide. Our Tech Mates assist Learners throughout New South Wales to learn vital digital skills and to embrace technology as a part of everyday life. Here we highlight the incredible work of our Tech Mates so you can get to know them, gain insight into what a Tech Mate does, and hear some Learner experiences. Today we’re lucky enough to introduce you to Nikita (Nik) Dmitrienko – a Tech Mate from Western Sydney who hates raw capsicum.

Q. Why did you become a Tech Mate? 

A. I have always wanted to give back to the community by combining my personal and technical skills to help people understand how the technology works, especially those people that have limited ability and knowledge in IT.

Q. What is your favourite Learner moment or experience volunteering with Leep?

A. Personally, the best Learner moment I had throughout my time with Leep was when my Learners realised how simple and quick technology can be once they start using it because before they were afraid of it our unsure of how to use it.

Q. What is some advice you would give to someone considering becoming a Tech Mate?

A. My advice is to be passionate and patient at the same time when it comes to helping Learners. Sometimes it can take a few attempts to deliver the message and remember to try different approaches.

*If you would like to become a volunteer Tech Mate you can register your details here.


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