Learners & QR Codes

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Here at Leep we’ve been preoccupied with QR Codes and, as it turns out, so have our Learners. Our awesome Customer Support Officer, Naomi, had a chat with a Leep Learner, Geoff Thompson, about his experiences learning how to use QR Codes during his face-to-face sessions with Tech Mate, Phil (pictured above).

Naomi: How was your last session with Phil?

Geoff: Brilliant, always brilliant.

Naomi: How did you find learning about QR Codes?

Geoff: Good! I tried my self and got mixed up and couldn’t download it (the Service NSW app) but Phil came around and helped me download it and it was good to go.

Naomi: And have you used the QR Code app to check in yet?

Geoff: I was out today with my wife shopping at Woolies and I was able to use it. My wife Sandra has got the hang of it more than me!

Naomi: Is Sandra going to be your new Tech Mate?

Geoff: *laughs* Nah, I’ll stick with Phil. He always makes it easy. I wish I was having another session next week but it falls on Australia Day, so I’ll see him the week after. I’ll have a long list for him when we have our next session.

*If you need any help learning how to use a device please contact us on 1300 163 106.

**If you want to help a Learner like Geoff by becoming a Leep Tech Mate please complete the following form.


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