Australian Tech Skills Shortage

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It is estimated that Australia will need an additional 6.5 million newly-skilled and reskilled digital workers to meet future technology demand. This is a 79% increase that we’re not likely to be able to meet without serious government intervention.

This projection comes from AlphaBeta and AWS Unlocking APAC’s Digital Potential: Changing Digital Skills Needs and Policy Approaches.

4mation’s CEO, Dane Eldridge, also shares concerns of the forecasted number being achieved. While online resources can assist people in getting started government intervention and initiatives are needed to recruit talent within Australia and from overseas.

Interestingly, Dane shares that companies like 4mation aren’t necessarily only looking for University graduates: “there’s much less correlation between being a great developer and having a tertiary qualification than in the past.” He continues, that developers fresh from University may have the foundations but not necessarily the hands-on skills required.

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