Volunteering: The Ultimate Act of Kindness

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More than 6 million Australians volunteer each year. Volunteering contributes greatly to society but changes in the world are challenging traditional volunteering. As more people carry less cash, work longer hours and spend more time commuting, time to contribute to your community via volunteering has decreased. Volunteering plays an integral part in the community and it is vital that not-for-profits, corporations and governments work together to engage volunteers.

This National Volunteer Week, the Leep team will be saying thank you to our volunteers with an important reminder for self-care. Leep will be hosting an interactive workshop for volunteers to prioritise making sure they take time out to care for their wellbeing. In a time where we have all had to rapidly adjust to the new ways of supporting the community during a pandemic it is crucial for us all to actively take time to look after ourselves.

Organisations across Australia are challenged to keep up the support and services and to also ensure volunteer numbers are upheld in a time when our community members can be feeling overwhelmed by the new daily challenges and uncertainty.

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