CEO Blog: Well Equipped & Capable

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“I am the most well equipped useless person,” says Norma when I met her recently in Canowindra to be her Tech Mate.  If you know anything about Norma you’d know that wasn’t at all true.  She’s an amazing and brave woman and has done several volunteering stints including, an archaeological dig in Cyprus, 6 weeks teaching English to primary students in Thailand and tutoring in remote communities for VISE (Volunteer for Isolated Students Education) sometimes travelling for 2 days to mentor students until she retired at 82 years of age.

Norma has a computer, an iPad, a Samsung Tablet, a smartphone, and 2 kindles but she thought she wasn’t clever enough to learn how to use them.  Her children and grandchildren kept forcing her to try and now she’s realised she is capable.  It was a joy to mentor Norma.  She picked up how to attach a picture to a text, search YouTube and managing emails, quickly.

If you or someone you know wants to change lives by supporting people like Norma, become a Tech Mate here. We are seeking support in Condobolin, Canowindra, Bathurst, Portland and Running Stream.

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