A Lockdown Silver Lining

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Trivia to combat lockdown loneliness. Friends and families have come together during the pandemic to answer rapid-fire questions online.

Australians who previously were not using technology are now learning to deal with lockdown loneliness and becoming closer to family and friends more than ever before. Digital modes of connection have become increasingly important with more Australians joining support groups, online communities, online choirs and even formed their own trivia groups.

It’s exciting to see people who thought they couldn’t use technology be motivated to give it a go even if it is being online to stay connected with family and friends” says, Cecily Michaels, CEO, Leep.

If you’re new to online trivia or you’re looking for some fresh ideas check out this list:

  1. Random Trivia Generator
  2. Houseparty (to learn more about this watch Leep’s Party Online webinar)
  3. Join an online video call, pick a host and submit answers via text message (read more on this here)

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