Disability In a World Built For the ‘Normate’

Disability In a World Built For the ‘Normate’

When we look at inclusion and access we need to remember that this means more than the physicality of getting around. Dr. Lisa Stafford, researcher for inclusive communities, explains¬†“society is based on this normal idea – we call it to the normate – this mythical idea of a certain type of body, how it moves, how it thinks, the size and shape of it, and our environment is designed for it. But that’s not representative of our population.”

Society is based around the “normate”, which can give people living with disabilities the strong, symbolic message –¬†you do not belong.

A recent Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report found that a third of people Living with disability have avoided situations due to their disability. This leads to isolation issues, particularly for those with mobility issues, and is compounded by those who experience socio-economic disadvantage, as they also often lack digital access.

This article from ABC highlights the issue of the lack of inclusion for people with a disability, shining a light on their important stories, and the technology we often take for granted.

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