Digital Technology in the Not-For-Profit Sector 2021 Report

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The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed the way that not-for-profits work and utilise technology to deliver their services.

The Infoxchange Report, now in its sixth year, has just been released for 2021. Over 600 Not-For-Profit organisations across Australia and New Zealand were surveyed about how they adapted their digital capability and skills, information security, infrastructure, cloud adoption and IT spending to address changed organisational and customer needs caused by the impact of COVID-19.

Key findings from this year’s report show that:

  • 53% of not-for-profits are satisfied with the way they are using technology
  • Only 38% of organisations reported that their primary information system allows them to understand the impact of their services
  • 25% of not-for-profits felt that they were completely or largely unprepared to support staff working from home
  • Almost 50% of organisations do not have effective organisational information security plans

The report also highlights why digital technology is so important: digital technology can facilitate greater impact for not-for-profits, and organisations that use technology effectively are better placed to respond in a challenging environment.

Through ongoing instability in the sector, this year’s report demonstrates that innovation remains pivotal for organisations to deliver services through the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as budgets shrink, innovation is increasingly out of reach for many not-for-profits. You can read the entire Infoxchange Report online here.

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