Sharing a Love of Dance on Instagram

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During lockdown, many of us found comfort and joy online. In my house, we all flocked to Instagram to share reels (quick and often hilarious videos), memes, and people who put smiles on our faces. Social media often has a bad reputation. But while it can be demoralising and draining, it can also provide wonderful insight into other people’s worlds…

We recently discovered Joan and Jimmy, a husband-and-wife duo who share divine dancing videos online. Their passion for dance brought them to Instagram, where they share their skills with their 100,000+ followers (they’re also on TikTok, where they have over 1 million followers!). We were lucky enough to have a chat with them about their online journey.

  1. What made you want to share online? How did the videos start?

Jimmy and I started ballroom dancing lessons when we were in our 40’s – so over 20 years ago – and have carried on dancing every week since. When the pandemic started, and the social dances all had to close, we discovered TikTok, and decide to create an account and try a dance there. Surprisingly, it went really well, and people started following us. We carried on as it was a way to continue dancing… and we have so much fun practising!

  1. What would you say to people scared to get online and share?

We understand that some people are scared to go online – we have friends in that position. But we would say to give it a go! I am a shy person, but dancing in our home, I feel safe, and we get such lovely comments that it encourages us to continue.

  1. Do you, or did you, have any issues using technology? If so, how did you overcome this?

I actually enjoy anything to do with technology. I used to work at the computer centre of a big bank many years ago. So, it is me (Joan) that works it all out by trial and error. I still learn something new every day. If in doubt, ask someone for advice. I’m always happy to help when someone asks me. There are also many creators on TikTok, Instagram, etc who give tutorials.

  1. What has been your favourite part of sharing your videos online?

That has to be reading all of the positive comments, and knowing that we have followers from all over the world. People say that they want to have a relationship like ours. Or, they might be having a bad day, and seeing our videos cheers them up. Or, they wish we were their parents/grandparents. Or, they can see the love between us through our videos. Or, seeing us makes them want to dance.

But the very best has to be that we have just been to the wedding of one of our followers, who had become an online friend. We drove two and half hours on Saturday to attend their wedding – and that was the first time we met them face-to-face! How amazing is that?!

  1. Any tips or tricks for the online world?

Stay safe. Be careful. Don’t be put off by negative comments (we get very few). Maybe start off with a private account to practice on. Don’t get addicted! Have lots of fun, and make some friends.

We’ve been really inspired by Joan and Jimmy. Their amazing dancing and tech skills have been an inspiration to us here, and we hope that their moves and advice will help inspire some of you, too. You can find them on Instagram under the name: Two_Jays_2. Be prepared to become addicted to their fabulous moves and joyful nature, though!

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