Donate Your Data with Optus

Donate Your Data with Optus

Without regular access to the Internet, many of our fellow Australians are being left behind. So, what can you do to help?

We recently discovered a fabulous initiative whereby you can donate some of your data to people in need!

Optus has partnered with The Smith Family and The Salvos to ensure that people can gain the access they need.

If you’re with Optus and on an eligible monthly plan, you can donate some of your data via the My Optus app. Those on prepaid plans can SMS the word “donate” to 4567 to donate from their remaining My Data balance, and postpaid customers can donate from their eligible monthly data allowance.

Every month, Optus pools the data donations and distributes them as an added boost to people in need. They get Prepaid SIMs with data, unlimited calls, and texts every 42 days.

Find out more about donating your data here.

Optus also has a Donate Your Device program, which you can read more about here.

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