Meet the TikTok Granny Going Viral

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What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word TikTok? For me, it used to be young people doing dances that my thirty-something body can’t keep up with. Grandma Droniak, the self-proclaimed 92-year-old celebrity, has completely altered my perspective.

She has amassed 4.1 million followers and garnered over 96 million likes. Her videos range from pre-date chats, her thoughts on her dream man (he can’t be a Gemini) and rules for her funeral (Bertha isn’t invited). The latter cemented her “viral” status and saw fans flock to the app to hear her sage advice.

The hilarious granny, who steers toward “light-hearted” conversations, is one of many “granfluencers” taking the app by storm. They’re proving that getting online and learning how to use an app – particularly social media – isn’t as frightening as it seems. She’s also convinced this anti-TikTok-er to download the app in order to keep up with her sassy antics. We recommend you do the same.

You can watch Grandma Droniak online here.

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