Welcome to the Digital Literacy Foundation

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We’re excited to announce that on 1st July, Leep NGO will become the Digital Literacy Foundation. After many years as Leep, and a ton of confusion over what that name meant, we knew we needed to update our brand and messaging to better reflect who we are and all we have to offer.

We wanted to a create a name that made sense and tells you who we are and what we do. And so, the Digital Literacy Foundation was born!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll roll out changes across our website and materials. All these new changes will be consistent with our new and improved brand and direction.

The Digital Literacy Foundation will continue to do all the work that Leep does, but on a grander scale. We’re forming partnerships with companies such as Telstra and Apple, and we plan to expand nationwide.

Throughout all these changes, we will continue working tirelessly to ensure that Australia becomes a digitally literate nation.

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