Fit for the Future: Fostering a Resilient and Engaged Citizenry

By - Joanne Jacobs, Disruptor's Handbook To be fit for the future, societies need to work on their digital health. Looking at the impact of emergent technologies have on citizens, Joanne considers what role Leep has to play. Fit for the Future Being ‘Fit for the Future’ is something that is increasingly the focus of corporate and small business planning, because there is a clear value in ensuring sustainability and competitiveness of commercial operations. The long term health of an…

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Leep team smiling after their performance at the AGM.

Leeping Beyond – Celebrating 25 Years at Our 2018 Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday 1 November, Leep hosted our 25th Annual General Meeting. It wasn't your ordinary run of the mill event – alongside the usual formalities was a dynamic and powerful presentation from Joanne Jacobs from Disruptor's Handbook as well as our annual performance by staff. Joanne's presentation on Fit for the Future: Fostering a Resilient and Engaged Citizenry considered what the term "digital health" really means, and why societies should be working to improve theirs. In considering the impact that…

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The Leep Team

TRI becomes Leep

We used to get called Tricomm - as this was our domain name!  A few of us felt our name – which was really TRI Community Exchange, or TRI for short – was old fashioned and didn’t represent us. People told us we sounded like a Telco – not great for an organisation wanting to attract people wary of technology! At our last business planning retreat in January, when we made the decision to rebrand, a new name was part…

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