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Using Facebook Pages to Connect with your Community

Facebook is still one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. Despite changes in the way that Facebook displays information to its users, there is simply no better way to share your organisations stories, successes, events and more. In this webinar, our presenter Anne-Maree Kerr from AMK Training and Consulting shares some simple methods to improve audience engagement, write great content and create beautiful imagery to post. Download Webinar Resources To download the resource document for this…

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Your Communication Strategy: From Paper & PDF to Digital

Are you sending your newsletters, term programs and other marketing information by mail, or creating a PDF and emailing it? Would you like to increase your reach, lower your costs, measure your impact and help the environment? This webinar will take you through the steps you can take to switch from paper or PDF newsletters (and other marketing documents) to digital. Some of the topics we cover include: The reasons to switch to digital Know your audience: the perils of…

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6 Hot Tips for your e-newsletter

Watch Webinar Video & Download White Paper Leep's webinar unpacked the content of the infographic included in our Best Practice Principles of Success in Online Communications White Paper: 6 Hot Tips for your e-newsletters You will learn all about the importance of mobile design, the best e-newsletter platforms to use, how to make your emails pop, how to make your e-newsletter part of your online communication strategy, and why segmentation and analysis are both essential to your success.

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