Tips for Recruiting Volunteers

In a rapidly changing environment, effectively recruiting volunteers can be a challenge for many organisations. Volunteer powered digital mentoring programs are not immune to this challenge, and as the volunteer landscape shifts people are increasingly looking to volunteer in ways that make the most of their unique skills and abilities.…

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Harnessing Volunteer Motivation

Volunteers come from all walks of life, each bringing with them their own unique perspective and reasoning for becoming a volunteer. Understanding what inspires and motivates us as individuals and volunteers can be a highly effective way for managing and maintaining volunteer engagement. “What motivates us moves us! [But] don’t…

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6 Steps to Volunteer Management Success

Watch Webinar Video & Download White Paper Leep’s webinar unpacked the content of the infographic included in our Innovation and Volunteerism in Australian Communities White Paper – Part I: The Changing Face of Volunteering. The nature of volunteering is changing. People who are looking to volunteer are wanting more diverse…

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