New Learner

  1. The first time you book in we just have to get some details from you- do you have time to answer a few questions right now?
  2. We take this information as we’re funded by the government, but if there are any questions you wouldn’t like to answer that’s totally fine.
  3. When we report to government the data is totally de-identified (anonymous)
USE THIS FORMAT [email protected]
If they found us via brochure - event - word of mouth etc, please ask Where?
Would you like information on My Aged Care? Such as services like community transport and meals on wheels?
As part of our funding, we sign up our clients with a free membership to an online learning website developed by the eSafety commission called Be Connected. We do this automatically unless you would like to opt out. PLEASE ENCOURAGE FOLK TO JOIN - our funding is affected if they don't.
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