Do you want support to access online services during the COVID-19 lockdown?

Leep has adapted our usual face-to-face digital mentoring program to offer support via phone or video chat. 

This support is free, and all you need to do is call us on 1300 163 106 to make an appointment.

Leep can connect you to a highly skilled, patient volunteer Tech Mate who can support you to access services and keep you connected to family and friends.

Assistance can be provided on:
-Setting up devices and accounts
-Basic digital skills such as texting, emailing and video chatting
-Accessing your doctor through telehealth
-Online shopping and banking 
-Online Government services
-And much more

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Why should I get online?

Frequently Asked Questions

Please ring us on 02 4721 1866 or 1300 163 106 to make a booking. You can also re-book in person with your Tech Mate at the end of each session.

This program is free but we welcome small donations if you are able to afford them. No donation is too small. 

Some of our Nepean area programs are supported by the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). You can view and download our CHSP Contribution Framework here.

You need to bring your own device. We can help you out on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Some of our locations have desktop computers you can use, but many do not, so please check with us prior if you wish to use a computer.

No – you can book in whenever you like. We do, however, suggest that you come in weekly as this is the best way to learn and remember what you did last time. We also suggest practicing between sessions.

We can help you learn basic skills on your device. The most common things people come to learn about include: navigating a device, emailing, texting, using apps, social media, using the internet, managing files and troubleshooting problems.

Our Tech Mates can only support you to learn skills – we cannot help you with fixing a broken device or assist with hardware issues.

If you can’t attend your session you need to ring us on 02 4721 1866 to cancel, the day before by 5 PM. It is best if you cancel as soon as possible so that we can give your appointment to someone else. We understand that sometimes things happen unexpectedly and you might have to cancel at the last moment.

When you make a booking, a volunteer is booked to spend the hour just with you, so if you don’t attend your session, they are left with nothing to do. For this reason, if you are a no-show (without cancelling) multiple times, you will not be able to make future bookings. 

Become a Tech Mate

We are looking for volunteers to join our team of dedicated Tech Mates to help improve people’s lives through technology.

In this role, you would provide one-on-one support at our community hubs to help people build basic digital skills they can use in their lives. You don’t need to be a digital expert to join the team, the most important skills are empathy and patience.

We have positions available at multiple locations and times.

Help people understand technology and narrow the digital divide!


Partner with Leep

We run outreach digital mentoring programs in partnership with local organisations, businesses and institutions.

Please contact us to inquire about partnership opportunities.

Email here or phone on 02 4721 1866.


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