Leep believe digital inclusion isn’t about technology, it’s about people.

In a tech dominated age, digital inclusion is a critical social justice issue which focuses on enabling people to benefit from and be included in the world of technology. People that don’t have the access or skills to be online are put at a disadvantage, creating the “digital divide”. The digital divide is an indicator of social and economic inequality.

Leep supports all people to build digital skills and confidence, to help close the digital divide and reduce social and economic exclusion.

We do this by running a growing network of digital mentoring programs, where people can access one-on-one assistance to improve their basic digital literacy.


Our digital mentoring programs offer free one-on-one support from a volunteer digital mentor, who can assist you on a phone, laptop or tablet. Digital mentoring gives you a chance to learn about technology at your own pace in a relaxed environment.

All programs are BYO device and require a booking to be made beforehand. To book in or inquire about a program, please ring us on 4721 1866.

Venue Location Day Time
The Leep in Lab 688 High St, Penrith Wednesdays and Fridays 10am-12pm
Lower Mountains Neighbourhood Centre (LMNC) 33 Hope St, Blaxland Mondays 10am-12pm
Dan’s Coffee House 144 Great Western Hwy, Blaxland Thursdays 10am-12pm
Arthur Neave Memorial Hall 43 Parks Ave, Werrington. Tuesdays 10am-12pm
Buckland Aged Care Services Springwood- for residents only Tuesdays
Caddens Caddens- for residents only Thursdays
St Stephens Penrith- for residents only Tuesdays
St Patrick Parish Church 51-58 Allawah Street
Mondays 12:30pm-2:30pm
Bidwill Uniting 26 Bidwill Square, Bidwill Mondays 10am-12pm

Learner Testimonials

phone with speech bubble saying thank you



“Hi, I’m a mobile phone – a very, very basic mobile phone. I used to live in the side pocket of my owners shopping bag, zipped up and out of sight. It was dark, stuffy and very lonely.

My owner could only make a call, receive a call and take a photo and I was always turned “OFF”!

I had so much more to offer – all my buttons ready to be pushed, but my owner was afraid she would do the wrong thing, get into a mess and wouldn’t know how to fix it.

Asking for help was unheard of.

Cecily and the Leep team came to the rescue and offered to help with their digital mentoring program.

I can remember on lesson 1, Cecily said four magic words – “just play with it”.

My owner really took those four words on board and all of a sudden all my buttons were being pushed. I was scrolled up and down, went left and right, added, saved and sent – then delete, delete, delete.

My owner would even text a message, send it to herself, delete everything, and just prove it wasn’t a fluke, she would send the same message back to herself. It was very exhausting trying to keep up.

Cecily, thank you so much for pressing my owner’s buttons, so she in turn can now press mine.

I think my owner is starting to like me, because I now sit on the dining room table – in full light and guess what “Waiting for further instructions.”


Today, technology is an essential part of life. This is creating disadvantage and trauma for people who don’t have the skills to use it.

If you’d like to be part of the solution and make a difference in the lives of people in your community, apply today to become a digital mentor.

In this role, you would support people one-on-one to build basic digital skills. We have positions available at multiple locations and times.

Help us close the digital divide!

Become a Digital Mentor

Digital Programs run or supported by Leep


We run our digital mentoring programs in partnership with local organisations, businesses and institutions. We have two partnership models:

Outreach: We run outreach digital mentoring programs at your site

Capacity building: We provide you with resources and advice to support you to run your own digital mentoring program.

Please contact Himalee to inquire about partnership opportunities.

Email – [email protected]   Phone – 4721 1866 ext 230


How to Develop a Digital Literacy Program

This webinar provides a step-by-step guide to developing a digital literacy program using a digital mentoring model. Learn how to deliver basic digital literacy support in your community.

Watch Webinar

Being a Digital Mentor: What’s Involved?

Digital mentors are people who provide one-on-one support to people so that they can use technology and get online. This webinar explores the role of a digital mentor and provides practical tips and tricks for success.

Watch Webinar & Download Resource Kit

Building Innovation in Volunteerism through Digital Inclusion

This webinar considers how organisations that adapt, create roles that harness volunteer leadership and embrace digital inclusion can strengthen their ability to build and activate volunteer programs.

Watch Webinar & Download Resource Document

Digital Literacy Research Report

We engaged NSW CID (NSW Council for Intellectual Disability) and syfte (a human design company) to assist us in conducting research with people with mild to moderate intellectual disability, receiving NDIS, to assess their readiness and motivation for digital literacy skills.

Download Digital Literacy Research Report

Digital Inclusion and the Digital Divide White Paper

Digital inclusion is fundamental to creating and strengthening independence and autonomy, but its transformative power transcends the individual and bestows widespread social and economic benefits on broader society.

Download Digital Inclusion and the Digital Divide White Paper

Online Scams Resources

We cannot expect to educate learners about all the
scams in one session. Use this sheet to see what you can do.

Online Scams Fact Sheet