Leep fosters partnerships with organisations who share our vision for digital inclusion in Australia.

Our digital inclusion initiatives rely on a model of strong partnerships and collaboration across a range of sectors

Corporate Partners
Support from the corporate community allows Leep to expand our digital inclusion programs and maximise their impact. Partnering with Leep means you’re helping to build a nation of digital citizens where the economic benefits of being online are shared equally. Invest in Australia’s digital future by becoming a corporate partner.

Community Partners

Leep partners with other community focussed organisations to deliver its digital mentoring programs, letting us reach people where they are, via partners they trust.

This intensely local approach lets Leep deliver learning services from our partners’ sites, working with the communities they service in spaces they’re comfortable with.

Become a Leep community partner today, so we can imagine tomorrow together.

Volunteer with Leep
Volunteering is a gift.
We provide people with an opportunity to give back to local communities and in return transform their health and wellbeing, and for some, provide a pathway to employment.
Leep welcomes volunteers in the following roles:
  • Digital Mentor
  • Administration Assistant
  • Marketing and Social Media Assistant
  • Event Volunteer
  • Social Research

Leep is a forward thinking and fast growing disruptive group creating digital citizens to reduce their marginalisation and support their full participation in a digital world.

We welcome high achievers, who share our passion for social justice and inclusion, can engage with a variety of stakeholders (older and poorer Australians, people with disability, people from other cultures/refugees, potential partners and donors), are digitally savvy and are excited to take on new challenges with initiative and creativity.

Current vacancies


You don’t need to be a partner, employee, or volunteer to be part of Leep’s story.
​By making a donation today, you can help Leep to continue delivering life-changing programs that provide opportunities that may not otherwise have been available. To donate to Leep, click the button below.
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