Leeping Together into a Digital Future

On Friday 5 August we took another Leep closer to our vision of a digitally inclusive Australia with the launch of our newest project, one that we are very excited about, the Leep in Network. The Hon John Ajaka MLC, Minister for Disability Services and Mr Kevin Conolly MP, joined us along with disability advocate, Melanie Tran as our guest speaker.

Mel challenged the assumption that everyone has online access! She gave us the startling fact that 1 in 5 individuals in Australia, including people with disability, still don’t have the basic digital skills or access they need to be online. It’s hard to believe that only 30% of people with a disability are online today!

Mel also encouraged us all to think about how it’s often the simple things that we rely on and take for granted every day, such as being able to check our emails, spend time on Facebook and stay in touch with our loved ones.

The lead UX designer at Ability Mate and Leep Board Member, Mel shared how being part of a digital world has changed her life including being able to pursue her studies. She is also excited at how this project will open doors, giving greater independence to people with disability. How it will make the everyday, such as shopping or having a coffee with a friend easier and more accessible!

Sometimes it comes down to the most simplest stuff……………Like not having milk in the fridge! – Mel Tran

You can hear more of Mel’s inspirational words here.

Cecily Michaels speaking with Helen Milner via Skype at the Leep In Network Launch

A key partner in the network is The Tinder Foundation, and it was fantastic to have founder Helen Milner not only with us in spirit, but also see her smiling face at the launch via skype from Croatia!

The Leep in Network will give people with a disability access to the digital world & from there they will be introduced to endless possibilities – Mel Tran

We want to create connections and empower individuals, to create a movement for digital inclusion.

Are you ready to take the leep with us?

Sandie O’Neill, Senior Project Officer Digital Inclusion, Leep