Fit for the Future: Fostering a Resilient and Engaged Citizenry

By - Joanne Jacobs, Disruptor's Handbook To be fit for the future, societies need to work on their digital health. Looking at the impact of emergent technologies have on citizens, Joanne considers what role Leep has to play. Fit for the Future Being ‘Fit for the Future’ is something that is increasingly the focus of corporate and small business planning, because there is a clear value in ensuring sustainability and competitiveness of commercial operations. The long term health of an…

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Leep team smiling after their performance at the AGM.

Leeping Beyond – Celebrating 25 Years at Our 2018 Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday 1 November, Leep hosted our 25th Annual General Meeting. It wasn't your ordinary run of the mill event – alongside the usual formalities was a dynamic and powerful presentation from Joanne Jacobs from Disruptor's Handbook as well as our annual performance by staff. Joanne's presentation on Fit for the Future: Fostering a Resilient and Engaged Citizenry considered what the term "digital health" really means, and why societies should be working to improve theirs. In considering the impact that…

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bus stop

Digital Exclusion: Waiting for the Bus

By Janeen Harris, Leep Senior Project Officer My fellow arts committee members and I were keen to start a Facebook group and I offered to demonstrate how it worked, particularly for those who were unsure about technology. Jodie* had some basic knowledge - she could take photos on her iPad and attach them to emails – and so I was taken aback when she shared her recent story of exclusion. Jodie’s car on one occasion had broken down and was…

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Building True Community through Inclusion

By Leila Wright, Webinar Facilitator The term “disability inclusion” is everywhere but what does it really mean? 20 years ago, when I first started working with people with disability, I really didn’t know what was appropriate. I didn’t have much experience with people with disability and, at that time, I didn’t have close family members with disability to learn from. I was also a bit scared that I would do or say “the wrong thing.” In one of my first…

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Volunteer Expression of Interest

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Learner donation

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New learner

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Group Of Happy Multi-Ethnic People Holding Speech Bubbles With The Word Like

Using Facebook Pages to Connect with your Community

Facebook is still one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. Despite changes in the way that Facebook displays information to its users, there is simply no better way to share your organisations stories, successes, events and more. In this webinar, our presenter Anne-Maree Kerr from AMK Training and Consulting shares some simple methods to improve audience engagement, write great content and create beautiful imagery to post. Download Webinar Resources To download the resource document for this…

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Smiling assistant teaching elderly woman how to use the Internet on a laptop

Tips for Recruiting Volunteers

In a rapidly changing environment, effectively recruiting volunteers can be a challenge for many organisations. Volunteer powered digital mentoring programs are not immune to this challenge, and as the volunteer landscape shifts people are increasingly looking to volunteer in ways that make the most of their unique skills and abilities. This webinar, being delivered by Leep NGO for the Be Connected program, unpacks a variety of methods for recruiting volunteers using practical examples. Download Webinar Resource Document To download…

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Microsoft Office Excel app

Using Excel Formulas to Speed Up your Spreadsheets

Join Anne-Maree Kerr, an IT trainer and consultant with over 18 years experience as she shows you how to use Microsoft Excel to its full potential. Have you ever felt daunted by Excel and its formulas? Are you trying to create spreadsheets, or analyse data, frustrated in the knowledge that there must be an easier way? Anne-Maree is here to help you in this one hour webinar to master the basics of Excel formulas and to become more efficient and…

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