People in Meeting and Word Volunteer

Harnessing Volunteer Motivation

Volunteers come from all walks of life, each bringing with them their own unique perspective and reasoning for becoming a volunteer. Understanding what inspires and motivates us as individuals and volunteers can be a highly effective way for managing and maintaining volunteer engagement. “What motivates us moves us! [But] don’t assume that what motivates one volunteer, or one group of volunteers, holds true ‘across the board.” – Judy Esmond, Ph.D. This webinar, delivered by Leep in partnership with Good Things…

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Digital mentor with learner

Being a Digital Mentor: What’s Involved?

Find out how to inspire and support people to use technology and be online as a one-on-one digital mentor. We explore what's involved in the role and some tips and tricks for success! Digital mentors are people who provide one-on-one support to people so that they can use technology and get online. Whilst supporting people to build their digital skills is a large part of the mentoring journey, a digital mentor must inspire their learners to get online and build…

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Continuous Learning on Pocket Watch

Reflections on Susan J. Ellis’ “Continuous Learning Is Not Optional”

I have been seeing my GP for almost 30 years. I’ll see a local doctor for my flu shot or if I’ve caught a bug but for serious illnesses, I willingly travel to Wollongong to see my GP. Why? Because Dr L. dedicates one day each week to reading journals, conferencing with colleagues, attending training and seminars, whatever it takes to ensure he has the most current research to help his patients. When I see him, I know that his…

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Business people having corporate meeting

Debunking Skilled Volunteering: How to Tap into Skilled Corporate Volunteers

Australians are very busy people - working an average of 4 extra hours a week to be able to get through their to do list. Yet we are also extremely generous and looking for ways to give back that use our skills and enable us to volunteer on our own terms. With more and more individuals looking to volunteer in a skilled capacity, or through their workplace employee volunteer program, skilled and corporate volunteering is on the rise. So how…

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PowerPoint on a mobile phone

How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint

There are over 30 million presentations given daily, many of them using PowerPoint or a similar program to support the spoken word. The problem is that the layout and content of these presentations often take away from, rather than enhance the content. Often the speaker is nervous and believes that by putting lots of details and words onto their slides the audience won't notice. Others believe in the "more is more" philosophy and put every thought they have had about…

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People at a desk with laptop and mobile phones

Your Communication Strategy: From Paper & PDF to Digital

Are you sending your newsletters, term programs and other marketing information by mail, or creating a PDF and emailing it? Would you like to increase your reach, lower your costs, measure your impact and help the environment? This webinar will take you through the steps you can take to switch from paper or PDF newsletters (and other marketing documents) to digital. Some of the topics we cover include: The reasons to switch to digital Know your audience: the perils of…

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Leep in Lab mentors and learners

How to Develop a Digital Literacy Program

This webinar provides a step-by-step guide to developing a digital literacy program using a digital mentoring model. Learn how to deliver basic digital literacy support in your community. We share tips and tricks for running a successful program, based on our experience running the Leep in Lab and other digital mentoring programs in the Leep in Network Learn about and join the Be Connected network here

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Digital Mentoring Volunteer & Learner at the Leep in Lab

Building Innovation in Volunteerism through Digital Inclusion

The volunteering landscape within Australian communities is shifting. Many individuals wishing to volunteer are seeking opportunities that meet their own needs and fit within demanding personal and professional schedules. This diverse volunteer pool demands new ways of thinking and planning for volunteer engagement that fosters social, economic and digital inclusion for volunteers and communities alike. Leep believes that the possibilities volunteering and digital technology offer should be available to all, and have been working at the forefront of community engagement…

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Questions marks and raised hands

The Art of Asking

New Digital Mentor Our CEO Cecily Michaels shares this story... I met Diane at Julia Gillard’s tree planting in the Corridor of Oaks in the Blue Mountains. There have been oak trees planted by each Prime Minister, or their closest living relative, since 1934 in the Blue Mountains. When I arrived I met Barbara, a friend and colleague, who offered me a spot on the fence with her family and friends. It wasn’t until the ceremony was over that I…

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Mentor and learner at Leep's Leep in Lab

Getting connected: Making a difference at the Leep in Lab

With one in five Australians not online the Leep in Lab is showing how a small action can have a big impact when it comes to improving someone’s life by helping them improve their technology and internet skills. Run twice a week out of Leep’s home office in Penrith the Leep in Lab offers one-on-one support to anyone wanting to improve their basic digital skills and help them build the confidence they need to use technology and the internet in…

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