Robyn and Jason

Leep in Lab – Robyn’s Story

Robyn found out about the Leep in Lab through Uniting Ability Linker, Alesha Holmes. Alesha says that Robyn had explained to her that she was becoming depressed from spending whole days at home on her own and that she was interested in learning the basics for using a computer. Alesha suggested that Robyn try the Leep in Lab as a way to meet new people, fill her Wednesdays and learn some new skills. Robyn attended her first digital mentoring session…

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Attendees at the Creating Digital Communities Forum

Creating Digital Communities: “There’s an answer to every barrier”

Whether it be lack of access, skills, motivation or trust - no digital barrier is without its answer, no one should be disconnected from the digital world. As over 100 community members gathered to find solutions to support the one in five Australians not online, this was the resounding takeaway message. The platform for this message was the inaugural Creating Digital Communities forum and interactive workshop hosted by Leep in partnership with Uniting and Ability Links this June. Attended by…

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Young man with tablet

Digital Literacy Research Report

Informing opportunities for people with intellectual disability Earlier this year, we engaged NSW CID (NSW Council for Intellectual Disability) and syfte (a human design company) to assist us in conducting research with people with mild to moderate intellectual disability, receiving NDIS, to assess their readiness and motivation for digital literacy skills. A focus group methodology was used to gather qualitative data using a semi structured interview format. The research took place in April 2017 with 5 sessions facilitated by CID and…

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Our digital mentors assisting participants at our Leep In Lab

Digital Inclusion and the Digital Divide: White Paper

Our world is becoming evermore reliant on digital technology, with all signs indicating this will intensify over the coming years. While technology is disruptive, it is also transformative; it has the potential to increase disadvantage, but also to lessen it. What matters is how we use it, and, in the case of digital technology, that we have the skills and capacity to harness its benefits. Sadly, those who are unable to access and master digital technology will find themselves increasingly…

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Cecily Michaels, Leep CEO, and Helen Milner, CEO, Good Things Foundation

Digital Inclusion: What can we learn from the UK

From Cecily Michaels, Leep CEO I was so excited to be visiting the UK to speak about Leep at the Digital Evolution: Social Revolution Conference.  This was such a fabulous opportunity for me to meet with some of the most brilliant digital inclusion initiatives in the UK. Arriving at Heathrow at 5am I made my way to St Pancras Station to meet my digi hero Helen Milner, CEO of Good Things Foundation I’m not alone in my admiration for Helen’s massive contribution…

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A group of people base jumping

Base Jumping with your Volunteers

Recently a Volunteer Manager said to me “On-boarding volunteers feels like jumping off a cliff. Off we go, no safety harness, and a 2000ft drop below. Managing volunteer risk in my program is overwhelming!” Managing volunteer risk does not need to feel this way. Let us help you prepare by packing a ‘volunteer risk management parachute’. Here are a couple of tips to help you get started: Pack a Parachute Before you jump into volunteer management, you should… 1. Review…

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Digital Inclusion Services

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Leep Volunteer Managers October Forum

We all had a ball!

I knew I had picked the right woman for the job, when Moya whipped out a selection of Polaroid cameras. Have you ever tried to document your story using a Polaroid camera?  I hadn’t and in fact I didn’t even know how to use a Polaroid. In this workshop Moya Sayer-Jones led 16 Volunteer Managers on a journey of discovery with simple exercises and deep insights. It was mind blowing to see how taking a simple photograph of the person…

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Woman holding thank you sign

Building a Culture of Volunteer Recognition: Three Steps to Success

The tradition of National Volunteer Week is thriving in Greater Western Sydney! This May the Volunteer Solutions Team supported 11 volunteer recognition events across the region. It was clear-across all of these events just how much each volunteer’s time and efforts are appreciated. Given the value of our volunteers, we need to be doing our best to ensure we hold onto them. The best volunteering programs I have seen, offer volunteers unique & meaningful roles, and have been led by…

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Melanie Tran speaking at the Leep In Network Launch

Leeping Together into a Digital Future

On Friday 5 August we took another Leep closer to our vision of a digitally inclusive Australia with the launch of our newest project, one that we are very excited about, the Leep in Network. The Hon John Ajaka MLC, Minister for Disability Services and Mr Kevin Conolly MP, joined us along with disability advocate, Melanie Tran as our guest speaker. Mel challenged the assumption that everyone has online access! She gave us the startling fact that 1 in 5…

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