Founded in 1993, Leep has evolved to meet the emerging needs of our communities. Previously known as TRI Community Exchange, Leep’s focus on inclusivity and equity has remained unchanged.

TRI was originally incorporated as a Family Resource Centre auspices by Penrith Council. The Centre was part of a national program to improve connections between organisations working with families and communities focusing on access and equity, Aboriginal services and providing information via a bulletin board which became communityNet. Following the closing of Family Resource Centres in 1997, TRI continued to offer services through Networking the Nation.

TRI continued to expand receiving recurrent funding to assist community services working across the aged and disability sector in Western Sydney and Western New South Wales.

Responding to emerging community needs and the growing economic and social disadvantage for people digitally excluded, digital inclusion became a priority focus in 2015. In June 2016, TRI was rebranded to Leep, to reflect this change in direction and encourage people to embrace getting online. Today we are a group dedicated to creating inclusive communities for people experiencing disadvantage through digital inclusion and volunteering.


When we rebranded from TRI Community Exchange to Leep we asked for a name where people would embrace us and not fear us. We already knew there are many in our community that we want to assist, but who fear having anything to do with technology.

Leep being the definitive step one takes when one is ready to make a significant change in one’s life for the better, seemed the perfect name.