Leep’s purpose is to ensure people experiencing disadvantage have the skills to get online confidently and safely thereby reaping the economic and social benefits that technology offers.


Digital literacy isn’t just about technology – it’s a life skill that improves a person’s overall wellbeing. Supporting people to be online is an important task. As a Tech Mate you can make a difference in people’s lives by sharing your knowledge and offering social and digital support to those who would otherwise be isolated.

Leep receives government funding for our programs and Tech Mates is a free service for learners. Our learners can self-enrol, be referred from other organisations such as aged care, health or community services.

Our learners are from all over New South Wales including rural and remote areas. Common learning needs include navigating a device such as a mobile phone or tablet, learning to search for information online, using social media and apps or making video calls.




Leep (originally known as TRI Community Exchange) began in 1993 as a Family Resource Centre and pivoted, for the first time, when Federal funding ceased in 1998, with funding through Networking the Nation, using information technology to support the community sector get online. Thus the start of our reputation as an innovative and cutting edge organisation in the tech space.



We continued to expand receiving recurrent funding to support services assisting the frail aged, people with disability and their carers. Our funding provided IT skills training and solutions in western NSW, cultural competency training in the Nepean area and volunteer support services in Western Sydney assisting organisations recruit, train, manage and retain volunteers. As this Federal Funding was due to end in June 2015 and new community needs were emerging we pivoted for the second time prioritising our focus on digital inclusion and specifically applying our expertise to creating digitally literate citizens. 


SINCE 2018

In 2018 we pivoted our program for the third time creating a replicable and scalable program to deliver digital mentoring programs across our funded areas of Western Sydney and western NSW. Working in partnership with organisations funded to work with the frail aged, we recruit and train volunteer Tech Mates who provide free digital mentoring for their target communities ensuring they have the skills to get online confidently and safely and thereby reap the economic and social benefits that technology offers. 



Due to COVID-19 Leep embraced change and pivoted for the fourth time investing in our digital capability, increasing our capacity to provide digital mentoring services online. While we’re waiting for it to become safe once more to meet face to face most of our mentoring sessions continue online, however, Tech Mates and learners can choose to meet at a mutually agreed location.


Leep is the definitive step one takes when one is ready to make a significant change in one’s life for the better.

As the spelling leap was not available, we accepted the ‘magic’ spelling, Leep! NGO stands for Non-Government Organisation and is our domain.

Leep NGO is the sentiment we wish to encourage in the community when embracing technology and getting online.