Meet Our Awesome Team

We're change makers, we’re fast thinking and we’re courageous. We believe everyone has a right to have the necessary skills to enjoy the social and economic benefits of living in a digital world. This is our purpose and our quest. +VIEW OUR ORGANOGRAM


Cecily michaels

P: 4721 1866 EXT: 20

E: [email protected]

Katie Churchill

Lead - Engagement & Design

P: 4721 1866 EXT: 30
E: [email protected]

Jaye Gaff

Digital Communications Officer

P: 4721 1866 EXT: 25
E: [email protected]

Melinda Shi

Graphic Designer

P: 4721 1866 EXT: 22
E: [email protected]

Stephen May

Project Support Officer

P: 4721 1866 EXT: 36
E: [email protected]

Naomi Saldanha

Customer Support Officer

P: 4721 1866 EXT: 26
E: [email protected]

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