The Art of Asking

New Digital Mentor

Our CEO Cecily Michaels shares this story…

I met Diane at Julia Gillard’s tree planting in the Corridor of Oaks in the Blue Mountains. There have been oak trees planted by each Prime Minister, or their closest living relative, since 1934 in the Blue Mountains.

When I arrived I met Barbara, a friend and colleague, who offered me a spot on the fence with her family and friends. It wasn’t until the ceremony was over that I asked Diane how she had time to be there on a work day.

“I don’t work” was her response.

“Would you like to become a digital mentor?” I said explaining it’s about providing one-on-one support to help people learn how to use their devices and the internet.

I was over the moon when Diane agreed but laughed when Barbara shared how she’d warned Diane that I would ask her to do something!

Diane (left) with Barbara at Julia Gillard’s tree planting ceremony

Diane (left) with Barbara at Julia Gillard’s tree planting ceremony

I’ve learned through my work at Leep that the biggest reason why people volunteer is . . . . can you guess?

Someone asked them!

Interested in volunteering as a digital mentor? Contact us on 4721 1866 or [email protected]

Leep’s first outreach digital mentoring program through a business

We asked Anita (Retail Manager) at The Wool Inn in Penrith if she would partner with us to start a digital mentoring program for their customers and she said “yes”! Not only did she say yes, she understands from her work with customers and her own family how crucial it is to support older people use technology and their devices especially now that phones are becoming more complex to use. The Wool Inn staff will collect names of people interested in joining our computer club which we will run in room 10 ½ in the NK Centre Arcade in Penrith.

The Wool Inn, if you haven’t been, is an extremely busy place. So for these women to commit to taking valuable time out of serving customers to ask about their digital needs is pretty awesome. We left the shop so chuffed that we’re part of something much bigger than Leep!

Bess (left) with Anita (Retail Manager) at The Wool Inn, Penrith

Bess (left) with Anita (Retail Manager) at The Wool Inn, Penrith

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If you would like support on setting up a digital mentoring project, we can help! Contact Himalee, ph 4721 1866 or email [email protected]