Leep believe that volunteering is a gift, which builds and activates local communities and transforms volunteers’ health, well-being, perspective and opportunities.

Leep works with local partners to create connections and build inclusion in volunteering communities, ensuring that the benefits of volunteering are available and accessible to all.

Leep connect volunteers with roles that matter, and work with Volunteer Involving Organisations to provide tools and frameworks that create effective volunteer management and retention.

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Become a Volunteer

Leep work with a diverse range of organisations in Western Sydney, and can help you find volunteer roles that fit your passions and interests.

Volunteering is not only a great way to connect with your local community, but can also assist volunteers to develop skills, meet new people, build employability skills and benefits overall mental and physical health.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about what roles might be available in your local area.

Become a Volunteer

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Capacity Building

Leep works in partnership with Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIOs) to build robust systems that meet the needs of an ever changing volunteer pool.

Our capacity building services are designed to assist VIOs to recruit, maintain and manage volunteers effectively and provide an opportunity for organisations to learn from each other.

Finding Volunteers

Leep’s community driven promotional strategies drive volunteer engagement and can help you find unique and enthusiastic volunteers.

If you have a volunteer opportunity you would like to promote, fill in our form by clicking the button above and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Networking Events

Events designed specifically for Volunteer Managers provide space to nurture vital professional networks and build skills for the future.


Advice and Consultation

Our team are experts in volunteer engagement and are on hand to provide over the phone support and linkages, assisting organisations to meet Volunteer Engagement best practice.

Skilling Volunteers

Leep’s volunteer education sessions provide volunteers with the confidence and skills to fulfil their role and achieve their personal volunteering goals.

Conducted in an open and engaging environment, Leep’s volunteer education sessions provide valuable opportunities for volunteers to build their networks and meet like-minded individuals.

Sessions are run regularly throughout the year on a range of topics, and are FREE for volunteers throughout Western Sydney to attend.

Leep provide tailored, on-site training as a fee for service offering, as well as free training sessions, which are open to volunteers throughout Western Sydney.

Topics covered include advice on becoming a better volunteer, setting boundaries, and the volunteer’s role as accidental counsellor.

Upcoming Training & Events

Our Services

Our Volunteer Solutions team offer a range of tailored services to further build capacity in volunteering communities.

Services are customised to suit the specific needs of our clients and are available to all at affordable rates.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about how we can work with you to build and strengthen volunteer engagement.

Services include:

  • Corporate Volunteer Engagement
  • Event Volunteer Management
  • Tailored Volunteer Education Programs
  • Volunteer Program Development Workshops and Consultations

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Debunking Skilled Volunteering: How to Tap into Skilled Corporate Volunteers

This webinar will explore the idea of skilled and corporate volunteering, identify platforms that VIOs can engage with to recruit skilled volunteers and provide space to consider the value they might add to a volunteer program.

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Building Innovation in Volunteerism through Digital Inclusion

This webinar considers how organisations that adapt, create roles that harness volunteer leadership and embrace digital inclusion can strengthen their ability to build and activate volunteer programs.

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6 Steps to Volunteer Management Success

This webinar unpacks the content of the infographic included in our Innovation and Volunteerism in Australian Communities White Paper – Part I: The Changing Face of Volunteering. The nature of volunteering is changing. People who are looking to volunteer are wanting more diverse roles that match their interests and make use of their skills.

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