The face of volunteering is changing, with numbers in decline for the first time in 20 years.

Leep believe that volunteering is a gift, which builds and activates local communities and transforms volunteers’ health, wellbeing, perspective and opportunities.

Volunteering is increasingly recognised as a valuable form of social and economic participation; enabling volunteers to build self-confidence, meet new people, develop employability skills and reap the rewards of improved mental and physical health.

Leep works with local partners to create connections and build inclusion in volunteering communities, ensuring that the benefits of volunteering are available and accessible to all.

Leep connect volunteers with roles that matter, and work with Volunteer Involving Organisations to provide tools and frameworks that create effective volunteer management and retention.

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Become a Volunteer

Leep work with a diverse range of organisations in Western Sydney, and can help you find roles that fits your passions and interests.

Whether you are looking to develop skills, build connections or wish to engage with your community, Leep can assist you to take the first step in your volunteer journey.

Become a Volunteer

Finding volunteers

Finding the right volunteers can be a process that puts unnecessary strain on organisations. Potential volunteers are more particular than ever, seeking roles that suit their circumstances, making engagement and retention a huge burden for volunteer managers.

Leep’s community driven promotional strategies drive volunteer engagement and can help you find unique and enthusiastic volunteers.

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Our volunteer referral service is funded to promote opportunities in the following areas: Penrith, Cumberland, Blacktown, Parramatta, The Hills, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury.

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Empowering Volunteer Managers

The face of volunteering is changing, with numbers in decline for the first time in 20 years.

More than ever before volunteer organisations have to engage their audiences with offerings that accommodate busy schedules and provide personal fulfilment.

What would it mean if your organisation could create roles which balance your needs and volunteers’ individual interests, while embracing digital volunteering platforms?

Leep helps organisations build robust systems to better deal with fluctuations caused by volunteer turnover and external changes.

Offering free, bimonthly forums featuring diverse and informed speakers, as well as independent guidance, Leep also helps volunteer managers nurture vital professional networks, and build skills for the future.

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Skilling Volunteers

Whether looking to develop skills or build connections with like-minded peers, volunteers are driven individuals.

Leep’s volunteer training provides volunteers with the confidence and skills to fulfill their roles, and achieve their personal goals. Conducted in an enjoyable and engaging environment, Leep’s training sessions provide valuable opportunities for volunteers to build their networks and communities.

Leep provide tailored, on-site training as a fee for service offering, as well as free training sessions, which are open to volunteers throughout Western Sydney.

Topics covered include advice on becoming a better volunteer, setting boundaries, and the volunteers role as accidental counsellor.

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