Leep believes that volunteering is a gift.

It provides people with an opportunity to give back to local communities and in return transforms a volunteer’s health and wellbeing, and for some, provide a pathway to employment.

Leep connects volunteers with diverse roles from a wide range of industries and sectors. Leep works with volunteer involving organisations by providing a free referral service, advice and professional development opportunities for their volunteer managers and staff.

Leep offers bespoke training programs for volunteers and hosts professional development and networking opportunities for volunteer managers.

Support for volunteer managers
Leep works in partnership with volunteer involving organisations from Parramatta, Cumberland, Blacktown, and Nepean local government areas supporting managers to recruit, manage, acknowledge and retain their volunteers.

Find volunteers

If you are based in Parramatta, Blacktown, Cumberland or Nepean local government areas and you would like us to promote a volunteer opportunity, complete the below form.

Professional Development and networking

Leep hosts professional development and networking opportunities for volunteer managers and staff.

We also have a range of webinars and papers addressing some of the topical challenges faced by volunteer managers.

Advice and services

Our team can provide phone support to assist volunteer involving organisations.

If you would like to contact us call 02 4721 1866

We also offer bespoke services at affordable rates to address the specific needs of our clients. Services include:

  • Development of a corporate volunteer strategy
  • Corporate volunteer engagement
  • Development of an organisation volunteer engagement strategy
  • Event volunteer training and management
  • Tailored volunteer training programs
  • Volunteer program development workshops and consultations
Training volunteers

Leep’s volunteer training sessions provide volunteers with the confidence and skills to fulfil their role and achieve their personal volunteering goals.

Our training program provides valuable opportunities for volunteers to build their networks and meet like-minded individuals.

Sessions are run regularly throughout the year on a range of topics, and are free for volunteers throughout western Sydney to attend.

Topics covered include:

  • Legend to volunteering
  • Connecting through boundaries
  • Safe conversations
  • Self-care for volunteers
  • Volunteering as a pathway to employment
  • Accidental counselling
  • Disability inclusion
  • Working with others across cultures

Resources for Volunteer Managers

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