From Refugee Backgrounds

Hosted By: Lauren Miles – Leep

Speakers: Dr. Sally Baker and Samah Shada

This interactive webinar was for volunteers who are working or want to work with people from refugee like backgrounds. Volunteers working in language support as well as community support roles play a vital role in connecting people into a new society and help to navigate the system.

We focused on understanding some of the barriers people face when coming to Australia and the role that volunteers can play in creating more positive experiences. 

Samah Shda is a public speaker for the Refugee Council of Australia community engagement program and an Amnesty International activist organising their refugee rights campaign events in NSW. She is currently leading a research project focused on refugee access to higher education in Australia in collaboration with multiple refugee advocacy and resettlement organisations. Samah is using her own experience and story to raise awareness on the global refugee crisis.

Dr. Sally Baker is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education and the education ‘focal point’ for the Forced Migrant Research Network at The University of New South Wales. Sally’s teaching and research interests centre on language, literacies, transition and equity in higher education, particularly with regard to culturally and linguistically diverse students, and refugee students. 

Resource Download: coming soon.

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